Meet Our Contributors

Driven by Northwood University and powered by the guiding values of the Northwood Idea, True North is a platform for all ideation from learning, innovation, and development, to real-world application.

True North aligns, introduces, and connects current students, alumni, faculty and staff, thought leaders, business, and industry. Northwood is committed to:

  • Increasing opportunities to promote a free society with limited government
  • Coordinating appropriate research and scholarship
  • Providing the exchange of professional resources
  • Generating student employment opportunities

We promote the belief that entrepreneurship and private business is the best way for free citizens to demonstrate their highest human qualities and attain lasting satisfaction, success, and a life well-lived.

Driven by Northwood University, True North is a platform where we:

  • Promote American principles and values
  • Drive business innovation and free enterprise leadership
  • Share inspiring stories of success from the Northwood community
  • Facilitate collaboration among our audiences worldwide: alumni, students, staff, supporters, businesses, and free-market leaders
  • Embrace and amplify like-minded voices of free enterprise thought leadership worldwide