Andrew Reder | Northwood University Class of 2025

Andrew Reder graduated from a homeschooled high school education in June 2021 and was enrolled the following August as an honors student at Northwood University, where he studies in the Economics program. Andrew’s alignment with The Northwood Idea and passion for leading and mentoring fellow students has aided him in leading several student initiatives for free enterprise policy and in achieving prominent leadership positions in freedom-aligned student organizations at Northwood such as Turning Point USA.

In February 2022, Andrew’s free enterprise activism and was rewarded with an appointment as a student research scholar at the Robert C. and Janice S. McNair Center for Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. In this role, Andrew works alongside like-minded scholars to advocate for the expansion of the market-process and the cultivation of entrepreneurs.

Andrew lives in Larkin Township, Michigan, with his parents and five siblings. Besides his campus leadership activities, he is heavily involved in his local township, where he serves on the Board of Review. In his personal life, he is an avid numismatist and poultry enthusiast. When he has free time, he enjoys reading, writing fiction, and spending time with his family.