Northwood professor part of Free Market Road Show Tour stops in Budapest, Vienna
May 29, 2024

Northwood professor part of Free Market Road Show Tour stops in Budapest, Vienna

A Northwood economics professor recently returned to the U.S. after participating in panels in Hungary and Austria that were stops by the 2024 Free Market Road Show.

The 2024 Free Market Road Show consists of panels held worldwide to foster critical discourse and innovation. Dr. Alexander Tokarev was featured during stops in Vienna, Austria on May 13 and Budapest, Hungary on May 16.

Tokarev, who resides in Midland, Michigan, and is originally from Bulgaria, said he has never been on a panel with such prominent economists, which included Richard Rahn, chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth, and Jose Pinera, co-chairman of the Cato Institute’s Project on Social Security Choice and founder and president of the International Center for Pension Reform.

“With the rise of interventionist policies today, it is more important than ever to work with academic and policymaker audiences in defense of our rights and freedoms,” said Tokarev, who holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Bulgaria.

This year’s Free Market Road Show focused on shattering barriers and igniting change. Since March, panelists have explored uncharted territories in policy-making, economics, and social discourse to unravel the complexities of modern governance and economic systems, challenge the status quo, and reimagine an E.U. and U.S. that are free, dynamic, and thriving.

In Hungary, Tokarev discussed migration from a free trade perspective. Complete coverage of his presentation was featured here by the Hungarian Conservative. The panel can be viewed in its entirety here (with Tokarev’s portion beginning at 38:38). In Austria, panelists discussed global debt.

In addition to participating in the European leg of this year’s Free Market Road Show Tour, Tokarev helped plan the tour’s April 2 stop in Midland, Michigan. The last stop of this year’s tour was May 21 in London, England. For more information about the Free Market Road Show, visit

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