Happy July 4! New lesson in Philosophy of Free Enterprise online course

Kate Hessling

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Kate Hessling
July 1, 2024

Happy July 4! New lesson in Philosophy of Free Enterprise online course

In celebration of the Fourth of July, Northwood University has posted a new lesson in the Philosophy of Free Enterprise, a free online course about freedom and free-market economics.

“This newest lesson in Northwood’s online course is incredibly timely, as it explores the differences between freedom and equality, particularly regarding our nation’s ongoing discussion about inequity between the rich and the poor,” stated Northwood Economics Chair Dr. Dale Matcheck.

The online course, Philosophy of Free Enterprise, includes a series of complimentary lessons for anyone interested in free-market economics and The Northwood Idea, which is Northwood University’s guiding philosophy. It values freedom, personal responsibility, moral law, earned success, and the importance of business.

Matcheck explained this newest lesson, like the other course modules, appeals to viewers from all educational levels and backgrounds. Taught by Dr. Alex Tokarev, an associate economics and philosophy professor at Northwood University, Freedom and Equality incorporates helpful animation and interesting dialogue delivered in a way that is easy to understand without a college degree.

“We have equal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Dr. Tokarev explains in the new lesson. “We also have very different abilities, goals, and work ethics. That is why we cannot be equal in income or wealth.”

Dr. Tokarev notes that in today’s “upside-down” version of capitalism, success is punished, and failure is rewarded.

“Economic justice is no longer blind, and outcomes depend on campaign — rather than productive — contributions,” he continues. “Hard work subsidizes slothfulness. Prudence subsidizes irresponsibility. Efficiency subsidizes wastefulness. Yes, there is a gap between the rich and the poor. And some of it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, half of the electorate is being duped that we can solve the problem by doing more of the same. (But) injustices that come from big government cannot be rectified by bigger government.”

“Only more economic freedom can heal the damage inflicted by cronyism and welfarism,” Dr. Tokarev adds.

This new lesson follows several previously shared videos, and Northwood plans to release additional lessons throughout the upcoming academic year. Learners enrolled in the free online course can test their knowledge through quizzes and access thought-provoking supplemental reading material following each lesson. Upon completing the course, learners will earn certificates from Northwood University.

If you are not interested in completing a course but want to see the lectures, the following are available to watch on Northwood University’s YouTube channel:
A Time Traveler’s Brief History of ProgressInnovation & InnovismVocation of BusinessConstitution, Rules and GamesEntrepreneurshipPrices, Knowledge, & IncentivesEconomic Freedom
America is Not a Democracy
Make a Law, Light a Match
Rights from the Start
Freedom and Equality

The videos and Philosophy of Free Enterprise online course are possible thanks to the principal donors behind this effort, Donald S. Gottwald, a 1988 alumnus, and his wife, Pamela. The effort also was aided by a generous gift from the Thomas F. and Harriet S. Oakley Family Trust.

Donors who value liberty, the American free-enterprise system, and the creation of leaders who drive economic and social progress may consider a gift to Northwood University. Visit our giving page or contact Northwood’s advancement office at (989) 837-4356.

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