Faculty Forum highlights Northwood experts

Kate Hessling

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Kate Hessling
November 27, 2023

Faculty Forum highlights Northwood experts

Northwood University is announcing Faculty Forum, a new initiative to highlight the expertise of faculty from America’s Free Enterprise University.

“In recognizing the invaluable contributions of our dedicated faculty, Northwood University is proud to launch a transformative initiative to spotlight their commitment and industry expertise,” stated President Kent MacDonald. “Our faculty members are the driving force behind our commitment to develop free-enterprise leaders who drive global social and economic progress. This initiative will illuminate their passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our students.”

Faculty Forum consists of a podcast series hosted by Dr. Kristin Stehouwer, provost and academics vice president for Northwood University, as well as print and digital pieces authored by Northwood subject matter experts. The first Faculty Forum column was published by Dr. Michael Makovi, an economics professor and Bretzlaff Scholar. The piece delves into how to equip your vehicle for optimum safety.

“Faculty Forum provides an insider’s view into the brilliant minds and expertise of Northwood University’s distinguished faculty members, as demonstrated by Dr. Makovi’s in-depth piece, as well as our new podcast,” stated Stehouwer. “Over the course of the Faculty Forum podcast series, we will explore a wide range of topics, from business and economics to entrepreneurship and innovation. Each episode features in-depth conversations with professors who will share insights, research and experiences to educate, inspire and engage our listeners.”

The first three episodes of the Faculty Forum podcast have been published on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube. The titles include:

• Episode 1: The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Featuring Professor Jim Hop, who chairs Northwood’s Entrepreneurship and Franchising Management programs)

• Episode 2: Sustainable Business Practices (Featuring Dr. Chelsea Butcher, an urban ecologist who leads Sustainability Management and Natural Science at Northwood)

• Episode 3: Innovations in Business Education (Featuring Undergraduate Academic Dean Dr. Patti Timm and Assistant Provost Dr. Mark Lund.

Northwood plans to post seven other Faculty Forum podcast episodes over the course of this academic year. Have feedback? Email Kate Hessling, executive director of communications and public relations, at hesslink@northwood.edu.

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